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The Lost Book of Tennis Leviticus

Wherein the Lord Gives the People

              A General Tennis Etiquette

          by Mark Randall


     "How it was that scores were not announced angered the Lord...that balls were sent to the server without the server knowing angered the Lord...that bad serves were willfully returned angered the Lord.  And the Lord had many such examples, all of which vexed him sore."

     The Lost Book of Tennis Leviticus may be purchased through amazon.com

      For the edification of tennis players everywhere, Mark Randall reveals The Lost Book of Tennis Leviticus whose simple precepts promise to return civility, common sense and sportsmanship to the court, and to banish all rancor and frustration. Well, all rancor, anyway.

From the Preface:

     "While bits of this etiquette are still respected, players will no doubt be appalled to learn how shoddy is modern custom compared to that of the ancients. Dependent for so long on oral transmission, these rules of conduct have been frayed by time, broken by ignorance, and abandoned for the shallow glamour of baser examples.

     ...It is my hope that the return of these chapters in book form will serve enthusiasts of the game - as a primer for some, as a refresher for others - and that observance of the tenets expounded in its pages will redound to a greater and more general enjoyment upon the court."

The Lost Book of Tennis Leviticus may be purchased through amazon.com

Mark Randall has been writing commentary and essays for over 25 years. His pieces have appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine, Harper's Magazine and Metro, among others, and have been cited by various publications including The Wall Street Journal.

Randall's previous book, Not That You Asked, a broad sampling of his columns collected in book form, was praised by Art Carey of The Philadelphia Inquirer for "elegant writing.that combines the literary lucidity of Edmund Wilson and the wicked wit of Oscar Wilde."

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