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This week's Weekly Tune is  Heart and Soul. Don't laugh. It is a shame that this tune (which you may be surprised to learn was written by Hoagy Carmichael) was fated to become one of those four-hand ditties like Chopsticks, idiotically hammered out in various rec rooms by people otherwise alien to a piano.  It is a simple melody, but one that nicely lends itself to harmonic tinkering.  Unbeknownst to the tune's abusers, it also has a lovely bridge and sweet, touching lyrics by none other than Frank Loesser. (It was his first collaboration with Carmichael).  Click on the title to hear the tune.  This is a single rubato reading, trying to get away from its dumpta dumpta dumpta dumpta reputation.  The lyrics are below.  It is a song about a kiss and I love how the little conceit in the last couplet sums everything up so nicely.   If you'd like to request a tune to be played in this section, contact me at right.

Heart and Soul


I've let a pair of arms enslave me

Oft times before.

But more than just a thrill you gave me

Yes more, much more.


Heart and soul, I fell in love with you

Heart and soul.  The way a fool would do:


Because you held me tight

And stole a kiss in the night.

Heart and soul, I begged to be adored.

Lost control and tumbled overboard


That magic night we kissed

There in the moon mist.

Oh but your lips were thrilling

Much too thrilling.

Never before were mine

So strangley willing.

But now I see what one embrace can do.

Look at me. It's got me loving you


That little kiss you stole

Held all my heart and soul.  

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