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    It seems fitting to nod to the recent death of Betty Comden, who along with Adolph Green, wrote lyrics to a great many standards including this week’s tune from 1956, Just In Time.  Julie Styne wrote the music so all in all, the song has a very respectable pedigree.  In his Inquirer appreciation, David Patrick Stearns noted the lyrics’unusual rhyme scheme (aaab cccb dde aae) which, I confess, I’d never thought about, but apparently it very subtly supports the song’s sentiments.

      I did a little something different this week in the playing, borrowing an Erroll Garnerish style.  I say “ish” because, while almost all piano players allude to his patented left-hand style from time to time, a virtually relentless stream of quarter note chords, thump thump thump thump, nobody really gets it quite the way he did.  Still, it’s fun trying.  The other difference is that, for the first time here, I added another track, thanks to the magic of modern musical gimmickery, and “played bass” with myself.  Click on the title in red letters to hear it.  The lyrics are below.


 Just in time,

I found you just in time.

Before you came my time

Was running low.

I was lost.

The losing dice were tossed.

My bridges all were crossed.

Nowhere to go.

Now you’re here

And now I know just where I’m going

No more doubt or fear

I’ve found my way.

For love came just in time.

You found me just in time.

And changed my lonely life that lovely day.

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