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Autumn Nocture

    Maybe we can coax fall along with another seasonal tune and this week I picked the overlooked Autumn Nocturne, written in 1942 by  Hollywood composer Josef Myrow (whose name is not well-known but who wrote You Make Me Feel So Young and also received two original song Oscars, one for Wabash Avenue in 1950 and another for Mother Wore Tights in 1947).

     Autumn Nocturne is one of those songs that lays well on the piano.  It was recorded by Claude Thornhill, a respected bandleader known for his sophisticated arrangements.  Thornhill’s band disbanded (so to speak) when the war broke out and Wikipedia says that for awhile in the 1950’s Thornhill became Tony Bennett’s musical director.  This may explain why Bennett revived the beautiful “Snowfall” which was a Thornhill instrumental hit. (My high school band used to open all of its winter concerts with Thornhill’s arrangement of Snowfall, so I’ve always liked it.)

     But back to Autumn Nocturne, it’s a lovely tune with some nice blues-y touches and an interesting bridge.  More trivia, the tune was used in the 1942 film drama Busses Roar.  I suspect the melody may sound familiar to you, even if you wouldn’t know the title.  Click on the red title to hear it.  The lyrics, by Kim Gannon, are below.   (Purists will I hope forgive my taking an extra bar before the bridge.  It's not the first extra bar... well, never mind.)

Autumn Nocturne

 When autumn sings her lullaby

And green leaves turn to gold

Then I remember last September you and I

Said good bye

Whispering that we would

Be returning when

Autumn came again

Now autumn roams the hills once more

But you forgot your vow

And here I am alone with only memories

Only lonely memories

Autumn memories

Of you.



When leaves are turning

I get a hungry yearning for your arms.


When heart is sober

It shadows bright October’s golden charms.

The flaming moon reminds me of

The night of love that we once knew.

Each tiny star is but a prayer that

When it’s fall again

Love will call again


And you’ll be

Beside me

To make my autumn dreams come true.

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