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June in January

     Given that it was nearly 70 degrees in the week following New Year’s Eve,  June in January seems the obvious and inescapable choice for the weekly tune.  It was written by the team of Robin and Rainger and was first recorded in 1934 for the Bing Crosby movie, with Kitty Carlisle, Here is My Heart.

     Robin and Rainger are no longer well-known names, but they were quite a successful team in the 1930’s and wrote many hits.  Most of these are forgotten but among them, besides June in January, are Love in Bloom (which became Jack Benny’s theme song) and Blue Hawaii.  After Rainger died in 1942, Robin went on to work with most of the top song writers of the era, notably Kern, Schwartz, Warren, Arlen and Styne.

     I’ve always thought of June in January as a vaguely silly song, a little too earnest and old fashioned, but the melody remains somehow endearing.  Click on the title in red to hear it.  The lyrics are below.

June in January 

It’s June in January

Because I’m in love

It always is spring in my heart

With you in my arms.

The snow is just white blossoms

That fall from above.

And here is the reason, my dear,

Your magical charm.


The night is cold

The trees are bare

But I can feel the scent of
Roses in the air.

It’s June in January

Because I’m in love

But only because I’m in love

With you.

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