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Moonlight Becomes You

     Since today is Kate’s and my wedding anniversary (27th) I chose Moonlight Becomes You by Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke.  Kate and I don’t have “a song” really but back before we were married, I was playing for a college show and for some reason now forgotten, I sang this song from the pit.  I think it was the first time Kate ever heard me sing at the piano.  She is remarkable and endearing in that even now, on rare occasions, she will ask for an encore.  Click on the title in red below to hear my version.  I have spared you the vocal, but the lyrics, which I think are charming in their willful timidity are below.

 Moonlight Becomes You

Moonlight becomes you.

It goes with your hair.

You certainly know

The right things to wear.

Moonlight becomes you

I thrill at the sight.

And I could get so

Romantic tonight.

You’re all dressed up to go dreaming.

Now don’t tell me I’m wrong.

And oh what a night to go dreaming.

Mind if I tag along?

If I say ‘I love you’,

I want you to know.

It’s not just because there’s moonlight


Moonlight becomes you so.

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